Do you wonder how your residence or office will look like once it’s finished? Are you not sure about the design and the materials? Thanks to Virtual Reality technology, you can now preview your space in 1:1 scale before you lay down a single brick. You can walk inside of it, look at it from any angle, and change colors, wallpapers, floors, and furniture in real time. You can choose materials from our database of local providers or even bring your own for digitization.



Create an account on our site in order to save your choices of materials from our library and upload your architectural plans. Creating an account is free and does not commit you in any way

Select Materials

Browse our online library various models of floors, wallpapers, and furniture from local providers. Select the ones you like to see in the virtual model of your space

Upload Files

Send us architectural plans in any format you have available. CAD files are preferred but even a PDF would do

Get Quote

Once we get your plans and your selections, we will generate a quote and send it to you by email. We can then arrange a visit to our labs for more information and demo viewing

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Highlights from our Library

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